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A Brampton Suzuki way of life!
By Automotive News & Tips | Published  10/10/2007 | Automotive | Rating:
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Brampton - "We want every family in Brampton to experience the Suzuki way of life". So says Suzuki of Brampton General Manager Ray Rabbani. "And thanks to Brampton families, we're already Ontario's largest volume Suzuki dealership! Now we're aiming for that title Canada-wide."

With the extensive range of vehicles available, Suzuki of Brampton has wheels for everyone, from automobiles to motorcycles to ATVs. "Suzuki was the first company in the world to invent the ATV" says Rabbani with pride "and Suzuki is the 11th largest carmaker in the world". "Not many people are aware of those amazing statistics".

All the motorcycles at Suzuki are cutting edge in design, performance and engineering and the ATVs are International Award Winners. Suzuki of Brampton maintains a full line of accessories from helmets, suits and gloves to Bike care and cleaners to a full line of Moto-X gear and protection.

Rabbani thinks that all his vehicles are very fun to drive and Suzuki boasts the only all-wheel drive compact cross-over vehicle in its SX4.

"We're looking at huge growth in the next 2 years – in the 2009 model year we'll have a pickup truck, a new mid-size sedan and a 4 cylinder SUV. I expect the Suzuki brand to take the Canadian market by storm."

"We love Brampton because it's so ethnically diverse. Suzuki is a well-known car in South Asia and so a large part of our Brampton population has grown up with one".

They also have an interactive website,, which is currently undergoing a face lift in order to be able to sell clothing and gear online by next spring.

The final plus is the welcoming staff. Rabbani sums up the pleasant service at his dealership, "We want you to expect a friendly, customer oriented staff who will welcome you with open arms". "It's the Suzuki way of life".

Suzuki of Brampton
Canam Crescent
Brampton, ON, L7A 1G1

Written by
Marcia Barhydt for The Brampton News.
Copyright 2007 Brampton Media Corp

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