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City of Brampton Kiwanis Junior Cashspiel
By Sports Notes | Published  09/27/2007 | Sports & Leisure | Rating:
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Brampton - Forty-six of the best junior curling teams in Ontario will compete with one of the top American and Quebec teams for over $12,000 in cash prizes in the City of Brampton Kiwanis Junior Cashspiel.  Amongst the teams are members of the reigning Ontario women's and men's champions.  Four Oakville teams, one Brampton team and two Mississauga teams will compete for the $1,400 first prizes.

This event has expanded to 48 teams and has attracted over 200 athletes and coaches and is expected to draw spectators that will fill the three observation halls of the Brampton Curling Club and Chinguacousy Curling Club.  During the games, watch for former and current world champions in the crowds.

The event is sponsored by: Kiwanis Club of Brampton, City of Brampton, MMM Group Limited, Engineers, Surveyors and Planners and Accurate Railroad Construction Limited

City Of Brampton Kiwanis Junior Cashspiel

October 12, 13, 14

Brampton Curling Club, 46 McMurchy Drive South, Brampton
Chinguacousy Curling Club, Bramalea Road, Brampton

For more information, contact:
Mark Inglis, Cashspiel Coordinator
905-882-7242 (daytime)
905-893-2654 (evenings)

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