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Itís all about comfort at Brampton North Nissan
By Automotive News & Tips | Published  09/18/2007 | Automotive | Unrated
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Brampton - General Manager Asgar Molu of Brampton North Nissan has seen some big changes in the past 4 years. His dealership has climbed from #64 to #1 in Ontario and #1 in Canada based on retail volume!

He and his team are also the very proud recipients of the President's Award of Merit, Platinum Level for Excellence in Sales and Service – a particularly outstanding award, considering there are only 3 awarded in all of Canada.

Naturally, Molu feels proud of the Nissan fleet. "They're the most exciting cars today with great quality, style and leading edge technology". Coming soon will be 3 brand new Nissan products – The Cube, a small mini-car; a new mini-SUV; and the GTR50, a sports car that will be comparable to a Ferrari or Porsche, with a limited edition of only 50 being available in Canada. Molu has also driven the new Nissan Altima Hybrid himself, "It's a wonderfully driven car; increased production will bring prices down and this car will be the way of the future."

Two years ago, Brampton North Nissan moved to The Brampton Auto Mall and increased their former location's showroom by 4 times in size and it's already stretched to its limits due to the high volume of this dealership.

"I see the future of Nissan as one of moderate growth which will include some great offers and incentives coming down in the near future. My biggest challenge right now is getting trade-in Nissans because of their quality. People love their Nissans and the cars keep performing, so owners are reluctant to trade them in because they're so happy driving the model they own.

Active in the community, Brampton North Nissan supplies a 2004 Nissan Quest to Meals on Wheels Peel Region. They also sponsor 2 car clubs: The Southern Ontario Xterra Club and the Maxima Club, by offering discounted prices to club members.

Molu has a mantra – "Make It Comfortable" – for all his staff to extend to all visitors and customers. By also promoting stability in his mid- to high-level staff, he fosters a team effort throughout his company. "It's like drafting the best players for a sports team. And the team that we are is dedicated to looking after our customers. We make the atmosphere NOT like a business – we want everyone to feel comfortable here".

"We're not interested in selling only 1 car to a customer. We're selling to our customer's family, friends, associates, plus all that customer's future cars and our referral business has increased 100% in the past 2 years".

"Make It Comfortable means that everyone at Brampton North Nissan thinks of every customer as a guest in our home" says Molu "and we see the results in the support that the Brampton community has given us".

Brampton North Nissan
195 Canam Crescent, Brampton, ON, L7A 1G1

Written by
Marcia Barhydt for The Brampton News.
Copyright 2007 Brampton Media Corp

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