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Tories covering up broken child care promises
By Government Notes | Published  08/2/2007 | Home & Family , Political News | Rating:
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Conservatives Deceiving Families with
Canada Child Tax Benefit Mail Out

Brampton - Conservative government propaganda being distributed to Canada's families is covering up broken child care promises and cutbacks of income support for families of young children, said Liberal Social Development Critic Ruby Dhalla.

"An insert, recently mailed out by the federal government to families who receive the Canada Child Tax Benefit, is Conservative double-speak at its most mean-spirited and hypocritical," said Ms. Dhalla.

The document informs Canadians that the Canada Child Tax Benefit families receive will no longer be impacted by the child care expenses that families claim because the supplement for children under age 7 "will no longer be a component of the CCTB calculation."

"The only reason this is true is because the Conservative government has completely eliminated the Young Child Supplement. It is extremely dishonest to dress up a broken promise not to touch the Canada Child Tax Benefits and spending cuts to income support for families in need .  This government's conduct is disgraceful," said Ms. Dhalla.

The Young Child Supplement of the Canada Child Tax Benefit provided up to $20.25 monthly to parents who did not claim child-care expenses for their preschool-age children.

"The cancellation of the Young Child Supplement was an ideological decision by this Conservative government to take away benefits from low-and middle-income families in order to pay for the Universal Child Care Benefit.

"The Conservative government has received failing grades from families and child care experts for its failure to deliver new child care spaces and for its paltry, taxable child care benefit. Parents do not need propaganda, cover-ups and lies. They need viable, affordable child care solutions," said Ms. Dhalla.

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