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DecoDoc Home Staging
By Home Sense | Published  06/26/2007 | Home & Family | Unrated
Home Sense
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Emilia Rees, The Nic-Nac Police

DecoDoc Home Staging has joined forces with Rees Renovations to create a one-stop home staging service accomplished for you on a realistic budget.

Studies show staged homes sell three times faster and for about 5% more than similar non-staged houses. Staging is not a luxury – it is a necessity.

DecoDoc home staging provides staging consultation, showcasing, vacant home staging, move-in decorating and renovation. "You only get ONE chance to make a first impression" is Emilia's motto.

The benefits of staging your home

  • You can list your house at top dollar value
  • Appraisers are more likely to assess staged homes at full value. The house sells faster and formore money.
  • Your listing will be more noticeable because pictures of staged houses look better in advertising. Real estate agents will be more excited to show and sell it.
  • Buyers and building inspectors regard staged houses as better-kept homes

Emilia, utilizing her home-staging skills, pulls it all together for a complete transformation. She is a Certified Canadian Staging Professional™ (CSP™).

Rees, also known as the "Nic-Nac Police", helps remove personal items, leaves the house clean, clutter-free and tastefully decorated. If required, she can bring furniture and accessories from her own inventory.

Steve, an experienced renovator, handles repairs and home improvements with ease.

One can rely on Steve Rees's expertise when undertaking a small or large-scale renovation.

Steve Rees has been doing renovations for more than 20 years.

The homes that Emilia and Steve have worked on have sold at the highest value in the area.  

Hire a certified, bound by code of conduct, Canadian Staging Professional™ to assist in the sale of your most valuable asset. Hire DecoDoc home staging.


After - Sold in 4 days

Contact Emilia Rees -
The Nic-Nac Police
cell 416-817-0200

Emilia Rees, Brampton Roaring Woman

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