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Rapid Transit Plan to Benefit Brampton
By Linda Jeffrey, MPP Brampton Centre | Published  06/20/2007 | City/Region News , Political News | Rating:
Linda Jeffrey, MPP Brampton Centre
Linda Jeffrey Jeffrey was first elected municipally in 1991 and served four successful terms on Brampton City Council. In 2003, Jeffrey was elected MPP for the riding of Brampton Centre. She was re-elected in 2007 in the riding of Brampton-Springdale.In the last parliament, Jeffrey served as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Children and Youth Services, the Minister Responsible for Democratic Renewal and the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. Currently Mrs. Jeffrey serves as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. 

For frequent updates, visit Linda Jeffrey for more information. 

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Mcguinty Government's Bold New
Rapid Transit Plan to Benefit Brampton

Largest Rapid Transit Expansion in Canada's History

Brampton 15 June 2007 - Premier Dalton McGuinty and Brampton Centre MPP Linda Jeffrey today released MoveOntario 2020, a bold new rapid transit plan that will create more jobs in Brampton and across the GTA.

"This is exciting news for Brampton residents," said MPP Jeffrey. "These transit investments will ultimately make a significant difference in the lives of people who live and work in our community.  This is an ambitious plan with realistic targets which complement ongoing investments made by this government in projects like the 2nd and 3rd phases of the 410 Highway."

"This rapid transit plan will benefit Brampton and the whole GTA where we have an urgent need as one of the fastest growing regions in North America," said McGuinty.  "We want Brampton residents spending less time commuting, and businesses getting their goods to market on time, to keep Ontario's economy strong."

Under the new rapid transit plan, Brampton would see five transit projects including:

Light rail transit along Hurontario Street from Brampton to Lakeshore Road Acceleride rapid transit along Queen Street from Main Street to Highway 50 GO rail expansion on the Georgetown and Milton lines and a new Bolton line

The province is contributing up to $11.5 billion and is calling on the federal government to cover at least one third of the costs, expected to be $6 billion. The province will cover the balance of the capital costs and the province and municipalities will continue to share operating costs through the provincial gas tax program.  The Greater Toronto

Transportation Authority has been asked to report back with an implementation plan for these projects by early 2008.

MoveOntario 2020, a $17.5 billion rapid transit plan, is the largest transit investment in Canadian history.  By 2015, two-thirds of the construction for MoveOntario 2020 will be completed, with full completion of the plan in 2020. 

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Aisha Auckbaraullee)
    I really appreciate this article because I take the transit daily and nice to know Brampton will be improving its transit system... too bad it wont be done until 2020...very helpful for people then but too late for us B-transit passengers now. In the mean time Brampton transit should improve their service. Sometimes I donít know where all of our taxes are going.
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