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Positive Parenting on Fatherís Day
By Family Notes | Published  06/13/2007 | Home & Family | Unrated
Family Notes
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Share the Gift of Positive
Parenting on Father's Day

Easy-to-use Activities
Help Dads Support
Their Child's Development

(Toronto, June 13, 2007) - Father's Day reminds us how important dads are in the lives of young children. Research has shown over and over again that fathers have a positive impact on a child's social, emotional and intellectual development. For example, when a child has a highly involved father, the child is likely to be more playful, more curious and eager to explore, enjoy school and have a greater ability to take initiative. For the modern day dad, it may seem like there's not enough time in one day to spend quality time with their children, but fathers can help their young child reach his or her full potential even when there are only a few precious moments spent together.

Invest in Kids, a national charity, helps parents support the healthy development of children aged 0-5 with a positive approach to parenting called Comfort, Play & Teach™. This simple approach shows parents, or anyone who touches the lives of young children, how to make the most out of everyday moments through easy-to-use activities, showing the relationship between a parent's behaviour and a child's development.

"Comfort, Play & Teach™ provides parents with activities that help support their child's healthy social, emotional and intellectual development. When parents connect with their child, whether it's comforting their child by singing together while doing dishes, supporting their child's language skills by reading a book, or learning about colours when talking about the different flowers in a garden, parents are positively impacting their child," says Dr. Chaya Kulkarni, Invest in Kids' child development and parenting expert.

For fathers of children under five, here are a few Invest in Kids', Comfort, Play & Teach™ tips to help them share some memorable moments on Father's Day or any day:

If you have a baby (0-18 months)
COMFORT - Play a recording of your favourite lullabies and have a quiet celebration, cuddling and listening to music, or sharing a snuggly, slow dance.  This is a lovely way to bond with your baby, to show your child affection and to enjoy some special time together, on Father's Day or any day.

If your child is a Toddler (1 1/2 - 3 years of age)
PLAY - There are many fun outdoor games to play. Bounce a ball or blow bubbles. Roll down a hill, then laugh and brush the grass off each other. Give your child a piggy back ride, and tell him or her stories about your parents and childhood as you walk along. As you share your memories, this will help your child build her or his own.

If you have a Preschooler (3 – 5 years of age)
TEACH - Sit together and read stories about fathers and their children. Daddy Hugs by Karen Katz and The Very Best Daddy of All by Marion Dane Bauer, are lovely books that really illustrate the ways that fathers care for and nurture children. Children learn that parents can play many different roles.

Fathers can try more Comfort, Play & Teach™ activities on Father's Day with their baby, toddler or preschooler by using Tip Sheets found at

Invest in Kids is a national charity dedicated to helping parents become the parents they want and need to be. By translating the science of parenting and child development into engaging, easy-to-understand, relevant resources for parents and professionals, Invest in Kids aims to strengthen the parenting knowledge, skills and confidence of all those who touch the lives of our youngest children to ensure the healthy social, emotional and intellectual development of children from birth to age five. For additional information, visit

Comfort, Play & Teach: A Positive Approach to Parenting™ is Invest in Kids' research-based framework built on everyday moments that are already part of parents' daily routine and shows the relationship between a parent's behaviour and a child's development. For example, when parents read a special book together with their baby, toddler or preschooler, they are feeling comforted by the sound of the parent's voice, the illustrations and colours make it an enjoyable experience and as the story is being read, the child is developing language skills. For additional information and other Comfort, Play & Teach™ activities, visit

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