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My Splash Pro & Glow Soy Candles
By Home Sense | Published  06/13/2007 | Home & Family | Unrated
Home Sense
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Gloria Ramsay is an independent distributor of Scent-Sations -- the little company where you can dream BIG dreams.

Our exclusive product line includes:

Candles – votives, pillars, buns and simmer candles

Mia Bella's Car Air Fresheners – Fresh Apple, Sweet
Orange and Chili

Bath & Body Products – Bella
BodyWash, Bella Bars, Bella HandWash

There are three ways to make money with Scent-Sations:

Scent-Sations offers the distributor a quality product sure to become a leader in the candle industry at a wholesale price that allows a profit margin that is unheard of in most direct selling opportunities.

The Scent-Sations Inc. Fundraising program allows a distributor to approach a fundraising organization in a traditional way and that has led to remarkable success for many distributors nationwide.

By simply referring five people to the Candle of the Month club, a distributor is eligible to receive 6 levels of income on the commissionable value of all the products ordered by that organization.

We KNOW that those who want to focus their efforts on building an organization of distributors are going to be living the life that most only dream about, BUT we are proud to stand apart from most network marketing programs because we ALSO offer people the chance to put money in their pockets daily through our very lucrative retail program!

We offer several different start-up packages to help you get your business jump-started!

Our gourmet candles, made from pure veggie and bee's wax, are incredibly scented, clean burning, soot-free and clean up with soap and water.

When you build a business organization by sponsoring others into the program you can earn 5-10% of the commissionable sales volume of all the Candle of the Month Program and Associate distributors in that organization. This plan was designed to benefit both the part-time and full-time distributor.

We invite you to join us……you won't regret that decision for a single day of your life!

Contact Gloria Ramsay

Gloria Ramsay, Brampton Roaring Woman

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