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Student Volunteers Needed
By Peel Heritage Complex | Published  06/8/2006 | Student Volunteer Opportunities | Rating:
Peel Heritage Complex
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Does your teen have a passion for the arts? The Peel Heritage Complex is recruiting student volunteers in a variety of areas this summer. Volunteer opportunities range from a few hours a week to summer-long commitments.

The Complex is currently seeking greeters, walk facilitators and assistants at the craft table and other activities for the annual Peel Heritage Complex Yard Sale and Walk for the Art of It, taking place on Saturday, June 17.

Other summer volunteer opportunities at the Complex include: art camp, guiding tours, marketing, special events assistance, indexing, exhibition installation and deconstruction, research and painting. Students will be assigned tasks based on their particular interests and aptitudes.

This is an excellent opportunity for students pursuing post-secondary education in history, education or the arts, as they will gain hands-on experience and make contacts in their field.

Volunteers will also develop valuable organizational, leadership and interpersonal skills.

For more information about volunteering, contact Lisa Glynn, Volunteer Co-ordinator at the Peel Heritage Complex at 905-791-4055, Ext. 3627.

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