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Garage Sales The Top 12 Marketing Tips
By Karen Sencich | Published  06/11/2007 | Home & Family | Rating:
Karen Sencich
Clients call Professional Organizer Karen Sencich “The Universal Remote” to life. The owner of Havoc to Harmony helps others click through life transitions. Dealing with a new job, a new home, a birth or death can be very stressful. As an award winning, hands on organizing expert, Karen offers organizing sessions through Sheridan College. Her work has been featured in Chatelaine, Today’s Parent, The Toronto Star, on Canada AM and Roger’s Daytime. She is the author of the new “Tackle it Now” programs. Visit her at

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At this time of the year garage sale signs start popping up all over. Early organization and advance advertising is key for holding a successful garage sale.

I collaborated with fellow Professional Organizers, Lindy Lovering of Organized Matters and Alex Revai of Productivity Solutions, to bring you our top twelve tips for marketing your garage sale to ensure that you get the most money for the time and effort you put into organizing your sale.

1.  Avoid feeling overwhelmed - cull through your belongings and pull out items for sale well in advance of the date you select for your sale.
2.  Save time by establishing prices and creating price tags or stickers while you sort and store items for sale.
3.  On the day of the sale, be ready to set up early and have change on hand. Deal only in cash and keep it on you in a fanny pack for added security.
4.  Don't allow buyers inside your house, not even to use the washroom. Protect your identity by removing personal information from all sale items.

Organizer Alex Revai advocates the following tips –

5.  Maximize traffic and minimize advertising by combining efforts with neighbours or community groups for a street sale instead of going solo.
6.  Display articles according to buyer group interest i.e. collectibles, toys, tools, children's clothing and adult clothing.
7.  Create signage with LARGE lettering posted in areas of high visibility. Remember to be socially responsible by removing all signage after the sale.

Lindy Lovering offers these additional suggestions to stay on track –

8.  Advertise online or in the local paper, indicate a "rain date" in case of bad weather.
9.  Ask permission to post flyers in grocery stores, community centers and message boards listing the date, place and time.
10.  Feature your top sale items specifically, i.e. "golf clubs" instead of sports equipment. Baby items, sports equipment and furniture are all top selling items.
11.  Price items reasonably and be prepared for early birds that want to bargain.
12.  Increase visibility - clear the driveway and road to make room for shoppers. Decorate with balloons and set up eye-catching items where drivers will see them.

All of the organizers agree on one final point. Whatever doesn't sell - donate it. Do not be tempted to take the clutter back into your house!

For help planning your garage sale search for an organizer in your area at

Karen Sencich, Professional Organizer, Speaker and Writer.

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