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Volunteer Opportunity: Specialty Care Woodhall Park
By Volunteer Positions | Published  06/5/2007 | Adult Volunteer Opportunities , Student Volunteer Opportunities | Rating:
Volunteer Positions
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Name = Specialty Care Woodhall Park

Description = Long Term Care Facility

Title =Program Assistant Volunteer

Job description =
- Review specific program plans for programs.
- Assist with the set up/clean up of the area.
- Accompany designated residents to and from home areas.
- Provide assistance to the resident and staff during the activity.
- Other related duties as requested by the staff supervisor.

Skills =
- Genuine interest or previous experience in a long term care facility.
- Ability to work effectively as a team member.
- Excellent communication and socialization skills.
- Ability to take direction.

Skills to learn =
- Volunteering will make a difference in a life of our residents.
- Volunteering lets you explore new interests.
- Volunteering assists in gaining work experience.
- Volunteering teaches new skills.
- Volunteering contributes to your community

Time = 5 hours week, flexible schedule is available.

Location = Specialty-Care Woodhall Park, 10260 Kennedy Road, North, Brampton, Ontario.

Contact person = Catherine Beattie, Coordinator of Volunteer Services at 905-495-4695 ext. 752 or 905-495-6852

How to apply = Please call or drop in for an application package.All Volunteers are required to have a police check, and a 2 step TB test before starting as a Volunteer within our facility.Any questions please speak with Catherine about these requirements. All forms are included in your package.

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