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Volunteer Opportunity - Telecare Distress Centre
By Telecare Distress Centre | Published  06/5/2007 | Student Volunteer Opportunities , Adult Volunteer Opportunities | Rating:
Telecare Distress Centre
Telecare Distress Centre, is a non-profit, multicultural organization providing free, caring and confidential support services in several languages for the diverse population of the Region.  Since 1973, this centre offers a 24 hour crisis and emotional support line service every day of the year in English, provided by trained , non-judgemental and caring staff and volunteers.

Our services are Free of charge and provided in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Cantonese
- Multilingual Crisis lines 905 459 7777  (Mandarin and Cantonese: 416 920 0497)
- TeleCheck (Daily or regular phone calls to seniors) 416 646 8450
- Reassurance (Regular phone calls to people -18 to 55 years old- who are in a stressfull situation) 905 459 8439

Agency funded by: Region of Peel, United Way of Peel Region, The Ontario Trillium Foundation and LHIN Central West

Por more information please call us at 905 459 8439 or visit our website


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Name = Telecare Distress Centre

Description = We are a non profit community based organization in the Region of Peel that provides 24 hour crisis support to individuals experiencing loneliness, depression, suicidal thoughts, abuse, addictions, grief or just having difficulty coping in life.

Title = Volunteer for the crisis lines in Spanish and/or Portuguese

Job description = To provide listening and emotional support to individuals experiencing loneliness, depression, suicidal thought, abuse, addictions, grief, etc. and providing referrals.

Skills =
-  At least 21 years old
-  Fluent in Spanish and/or Portuguese
-  Able to commit a minimum of 12 hours per month for one year after completing the 50 hour training course
-  Caring and non-judgmental listener

Skills to learn =
- To provide Active listening support
- On-going training sessions
- Opportunities to meet and socialize with social services agencies, health and community based organizations.
- Excellent interpersonal skills that are of benefit in personal and professional relationships

Time = 12 hours per month for a minimum of one year

Location = Brampton

Contact person = Claudia Redican - at Tel. 905 459 8439 Ext.4

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