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A Good Way to Obtain Training
By vpi Brampton Employment Assessment Centre | Published  05/28/2007 | Employment Assistance | Rating:
vpi Brampton Employment Assessment Centre
Unemployed in Brampton? Call vpi Brampton Employment Assessment Centre to learn about employment services at no cost to you: Job Search Assistance Services (resume writing, interview skills, job search techniques, labour market information), Career Exploration Services, Skills Enhancement (Training), Wage Subsidy Program, Self Employment Benefit Program and Community Resources. Meet one-on-one with an experienced employment professional to help you create your employment action plan. Location: 350 Rutherford Road, Unit 300 in Brampton.  Call 905-866-6001 for more information or visit  Employment Ontario programs are funded in part by the Government of Canada. 

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Brampton - Employment Ontario has taken over most of the employment services that were formerly offered by the Federal Government through Service Canada.One of the most popular services that is offered by the Ontario Provincial Government is the Skills Enhancement Program.

The Skills Enhancement Program is designed to assist individuals in the following situations:

·  currently receiving Employment Insurance benefits
·  received EI benefits during the past 3 years
·  received maternity/paternity benefits during the past 5 years.

The purpose of the Skills Enhancement Program is to help individuals obtain the required training so that they may successfully return to the labour market. Those individuals who are deemed eligible, and find it difficult to obtain employment, have the option to apply for a training program (that is suitable to their needs). Interested individuals are required to meet a number of requirements to complete the application for training but if approved, training will be covered by the provincial government in partnership with Service Canada.

To determine whether you are eligible for acceptance into the Skills Enhancement Program, you must attend a General Information session at the vpi Brampton Employment Assessment Centre. After attending the information session, you will be assigned to a case manager who will assist you in creating a Return to Work Action Plan. The case manager will assist you through the entire application process.

Training applications are based on the need of the individual to acquire and to enhance their skills.Individuals interested in finding out more information about this program, should contact the vpi Brampton Employment Assessment Centre at 905-866-6001 for more details.

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