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City Planning Challenged
By Greenvisions _ | Published  05/7/2007 | Community News | Rating:
Greenvisions _
Greenvisions, Citizens For Brampton Conservation, formed in 2007, is a non-profit citizen group. Our goal is to promote improvements and inclusion of such lands to the full potential as greenspace for public enjoyment, preserving historic, natural, and aesthetic characters of our environment.  Greenvisions supports development but we believe that growth should come with a balance in order for us to accomplish the goal of being a truly sustainable City.  

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Brampton, Ontario - Concerned residents of Brampton gather this evening at Brampton City Hall to raise awareness about a noticeable lack of vision in city planning and the inadequate effort to preserve green space in our City. While the City of Brampton boasts about "well-planned communities," their disinterest in preserving a 90-acre natural habitat (currently occupied by the Castlemore Golf Course) is evidence that truly well-planned communities are far from being a reality.

Mayor Fennell, City and Regional Councillors, as well as the Brampton Planning Department are on notice: let the challenge begin! To date, all evidence points to a culture of complacency. At issue is the diminishing ratio of green space to population, which has hit an historic low point.

The City of Brampton boasts about how well it handles growth and the management of the tens of thousands of new residents who move to our city each year. What they fail to mention is the lack of amenities in newly developed areas, the fact the students have to be bussed from Ward 9 & 10 to Bolton and Malton to attend school, and the fact the most residents have to drive 30 minutes to the nearest library or swimming pool. What they fail to mention is that the ratio of parkland to developed land in our City has decreased from 3.63 acres per 1000 residents in 2001 to 2.95 acres in 2007, and will continue to drop for the foreseeable future, falling well below the 4+ acre target.

Brampton residents are only asking for what they deserve. The City can blame the Province and vice versa, but residents will no longer stand for excuses and poor planning. They will not stand by and watch the valuable ecosystems in Brampton destroyed.

Please take some time out of your evening to attend the Public Meeting at 7 PM this evening at Brampton City Hall.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Linda Sanginesi)
    Here's to hoping our efforts are not in vain and here's to hoping that the city and the region work for us and not the developers.
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