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Distinctive Accessories Help You Give Back
By Business Notes | Published  05/8/2007 | Home & Family | Unrated
Business Notes
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Brampton, ON, May 7, 2007 – helps you feel great about how you look and even better about how you spend your money. offers a distinctive selection of handcrafted fashion accessories created by artisans from around the world, many of whom are women. These exquisite works of art preserve deep cultural traditions while thrilling you with the beauty and pride of their workmanship. And your purchase can help artisans from developing countries across the globe to achieve self-reliance, providing the economic means to support themselves and their families.

Give yourself an alluring piece of the world, uniquely handcrafted and definitely not from the local store—and save yourself time as well.'s ecommerce site is convenient and secure. offers exquisite handcrafted accessories from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Starting from around $16, the Collection's broad range of styles has something for everyone: Kenyan necklaces, bracelets and earrings; genuine sterling silver pieces from the silversmiths of Taxco Mexico, Northern Thailand and Celuk Bali; handcrafted semi-precious stone pieces from Canada and Thailand; wood rings from Brazil; copper and hand painted glass from Chile; colourful creations of the

Caribbean and even Amber from the Baltics.

Discover the stunning beauty of these handicrafts while exploring a unique, enchanting part of the world. The stories of these artisans are all part of the experience waiting for you at

As a special added bonus, is offering a mini travel jewellery case with every purchase, while quantities last. The next time you travel you'll have a travel case to protect your valuable jewellery.

And shopping at couldn't be easier. Place your order right from

your laptop and we'll send it to you anywhere in Canada with no shipping fee.

Imagine how great you will feel with a beautiful handmade piece of jewellery from an exotic land. Envision the pleasure you will have as you tell your friends the story of its origin. Pangea is the name given to the 'super continent' believed to have existed about 250 million years ago before the continents were separated. brings the world together again for you to explore and enjoy the most beautiful creations it has to offer.

For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with collection creator Patricia Pinkney, please call: 416 498 1331/416 625 6925 or email:

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