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Amateur Athletes Receive Financial Support
By Linda Jeffrey, MPP Brampton Centre | Published  04/10/2007 | Sports & Leisure , Political News | Unrated
Linda Jeffrey, MPP Brampton Centre
Linda Jeffrey Jeffrey was first elected municipally in 1991 and served four successful terms on Brampton City Council. In 2003, Jeffrey was elected MPP for the riding of Brampton Centre. She was re-elected in 2007 in the riding of Brampton-Springdale.In the last parliament, Jeffrey served as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Children and Youth Services, the Minister Responsible for Democratic Renewal and the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. Currently Mrs. Jeffrey serves as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. 

For frequent updates, visit Linda Jeffrey for more information. 

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McGuinty Government Triples Support for
Amateur Athletes with
$10 Million Quest For Gold Program

Quest for Gold Funding Helps
Athletes Reach Full Potential

Brampton, April 3, 2007 Fourteen amateur athletes from Brampton Centre will benefit from our government's direct financial assistance of the Quest for Gold Program, Linda Jeffrey, MPP Brampton Centre, announced today.

"I'm thrilled that our government's support is touching my community," said Jeffrey. "Our athletes help inspire a culture of sport development in this community and deserve our encouragement for their dedication."

Funding helps cover living, training and post-secondary tuition costs for amateur athletes.  Fourteen athletes from Brampton Centre received their funding. Individual athletes receive support ranging from $3,500 to $8,000.

The area athletes are among approximately 900 recipients from across the province who have benefited from this year's $10 million Quest for Gold Program announced in February by Health Promotion Minister Jim Watson.

"The Ontario government is committed to helping our athletes achieve their full potential," said Watson. "Their dedication, passion and enthusiasm inspire Ontarians to engage in physical activity and lead healthy lives." 

"Quest for Gold allows me to focus my energy and concentration on training and improving my abilities," said Paul Rosen, sledge hockey goalie and Paralympic gold medalist.  "The funding is a great relief and makes an important difference in how I can direct my attention to reaching for my ultimate performance level." 

The Quest for Gold Program was launched in January 2006. During the period of January to March 2006, the lottery generated $2.9 million and provided $1.9 million in direct financial assistance to 892 athletes.

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