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Dr. Ruby Dhalla appointed as Critic for Health in Shadow Liberal Cabinet
By Government Notes | Published  06/1/2006 | Local Affairs | Unrated
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Dr. Ruby Dhalla, Member of Parliament for Brampton-Springdale was appointed Health Critic by the Hon. Bill Graham, leader of the Liberal Party.  Dr. Dhalla will replace the Hon. Ken Dryden.

Dr. Dhalla looks forward to utilizing her experience as a healthcare provider, her in-depth knowledge of the healthcare arena and her understanding of the needs of patients in her role as Health Critic.

"My unique perspective will allow me to make a significant contribution as Health Critic.", said Dr. Dhalla.  "The Health portfolio is crucial to Canadians and I will keep the Government under close scrutiny at every level of responsibility.

"As a member of the Standing Committee on Health in the 38th Parliament, Dr. Dhalla has been a strong proponent of reducing wait times, increasing accessibility to doctors, recognizing foreign credentials for health care practitioners and promoting result- oriented solutions to the challenges faced in healthcare.

"Health care is one of the most important issues for Canadians. We need an action plan that is going to produce results.  I look forward to being a strong voice to ensure that Canadians receive high quality, efficient and effective  healthcare services," stated Dr. Dhalla.

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