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DaimlerChrysler's Brampton Workers Secure Work
By Business Notes | Published  03/11/2007 | Automotive | Unrated
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CAW Local 1285 Members Vote In Favour
Of New DaimlerChrysler Agreement

BRAMPTON, ON, March 11 /CNW/ - CAW Local 1285 members who work at DaimlerChrysler's Brampton, Ontario car assembly plant voted overwhelmingly to an agreement today that helps secure new work at the facility.

More than 2,800 members attended a packed meeting today: CAW production members voted 78 per cent in favour and skilled trades members voted 95 per cent in favour of the agreement that will come into force when new products come into the plant, which currently produces the Chrysler 300, the Dodge Magnum and Dodge Charger.

Bob Chernecki, assistant to the CAW President, spoke to the membership about the tough environment facing domestic automakers and the challenging times that have created so much insecurity in auto producing communities.

"Our members work hard to produce high quality vehicles and they made a difficult decision today that will help provide a more secure future for themselves, their families and their community," Chernecki said.

Ardis Snow, Local 1285 unit chairperson at DaimlerChrysler, said, "It was a very hard decision for the membership to make, but they looked at the long term future for themselves and their families."

"As the new plant chairperson I have a lot of work ahead of me to unite the membership and the leadership," Snow said.

Ken Lewenza, chairperson of the CAW's DaimlerChrysler master bargaining committee, said, "There is obviously a lot of uncertainty in the auto industry and our members continue to express frustration and concern about the future."


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