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By Student Xpress | Published  05/30/2006 | Student Writings | Unrated
Student Xpress
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Many years ago, before the power of Powell and
The rise of Rice, racism reigned in the hearts of many.

Humanity stood at a crossroad.

Two peoples lived in a manner of confliction.

Their existence was at a standstill.

For decades they lived in quiet discord, one
Culture unmercifully degrading the other.

Their minds were choked in the grip of prejudice.

Alas, after many years of being stifled by
racism and poverty, a daring individual arose
from the silence and created an uproar.

He held a strength unknown to any other individual.

With one dream he birthed a new generation,
swaddled in the fabric of unity,
cradled in the bosom of courage.

His words led us to the plains of emotional emancipation.

The brilliance of his speech shone on humanity, warming
the coldness in our hearts, and illuminating our souls with
tolerance and integrity.

Society was caressed by the gentle hand of peace.

Now, the descendants of those who fought in this civil battle
Sit on a plateau, faced with two choices.
They can reverse into old habits, or reject ignorance
and welcome freedom with open arms.

Sacrifice is inevitable.

Their decisions will leave them faced with an uncertain future.

There is no going back.

Poem by Janelle GS - St. Marguerite d'Youville

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