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Now That You’re Single Brad
By Student Xpress | Published  05/8/2006 | Student Writings | Unrated
Student Xpress
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Why thank you dear Brad,
For I'm very glad to see,
That you realized Jen's no good,
And you'd rather be with me.

I'll treat you like a real man,
I won't cause you much strife,
Now that the wench,
Is out of your life.

Ms. Anniston's got issues,
And they're not the least bit mild,
For who on earth wouldn't want,
To have your precious child?

Yes. Jen will regret it,
And kick herself she may,
For every woman wants you,
And you've turned a few guys gay.

I never really liked her,
I'm so glad that it's the end.
She was my greatest rival,
And my least favourite Friend.

But forget about her now,
This is about you and me,
My heart is a big iron lock,
And you hold the only key.

I don't mean to alarm you,
This all may sound odd,
But I worship your good looks,
And your smoking hot bod.

I love you more than anything
Oh, please don't think me lame,
'Cause if you'd only meet me
I know you'd feel the same.

And if you decide
You can find something better,
Well I'll give you a third chance
Yes I'll wait for you forever.
Poem by Domenique R. - St. Marguerite d'Youville

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