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A Dream Fulfilled
By Student Xpress | Published  05/17/2006 | Student Writings | Unrated
Student Xpress
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The silence was broken.
His voice echoing though the world.
His life leaving a mark on the face of the earth.
His speech impacting lives everywhere.
Time turned into progress.
Love increased in hearts.
Pain decreased in many lives.
Joy hungered by many, now content.
Not all wounds healed.
Not all pain revealed.
A world once peaceful, will come again.
Hope touched hearts.
Light shone through the oblivion.
Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream.
Non-violent expressions through speech,
Now the world's wounds began to heal.
A soul has left our physical presence,
Forever his voice is heard.
Fulfilling a dream.
An end to the silence forever.
Poem by Teresa L. - St. Marguerite d'Youville
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