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By Student Xpress | Published  05/15/2006 | Student Writings | Unrated
Student Xpress
Many students in school would relish the opportunity to have their work published before a wide audience. In fact, knowing that many people will read your work often elevates the level of writing. It is our goal to provide such an outlet via The Brampton News. We invite you to become a contributor and submit your stories, poems and articles.>>> Sign Up Here  

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Please talk about me behind my back
When there's nothing else to do
Call me things you would never say
When I'm in front of you.

Do tell others everything you hear
Go on and make that choice
Say anything that comes to mind
Fill the silence with your voice.

Bruise me with your careless tongue
It doesn't matter much to me.
For I know I am the worthless being
You make me out to be.

And don't you worry about who it hurts
Just get everything off your chest
Start with a morsel of the truth
And then make up the rest.

I'll try not to feel the impact
But it might be a little hard
For your words echo a million times
And leave my name forever scarred.

But don't you even dare feel shame
Make sure your head's held high
I won't speak out against your words
And confirm that they're a lie.

I truly hope this makes you friends
If that's what it's about
For if this is the only way
Then I'm glad to help you out.

by Domenique R. - St. Marguerite d'Youville

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