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BMBA Requires Volunteers
By Brampton Minor Basketball Association | Published  01/17/2007 | Adult Volunteer Opportunities | Unrated
Brampton Minor Basketball Association
Since 1979, The Brampton Minor Basketball Association (BMBA) has been dedicated to teaching youths ages 7-18 to play and enjoy the game of basketball. From grass-roots development to our elite development representative teams, our goal is to continually establish a program that will provide an atmosphere to challenge all participants, allowing them to develop at their own pace.  Each year we place close to 1,300 participants in our winter/summer house and rep team leagues. BMBA emphasizes fair play, respect and community service. Over the years we have seen the growth and enjoyment of this wonderful sport soar in our community.

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Parents/Coaches, Referees and Convenors Needed for

The Brampton Minor Basketball Association (BMBA) is a not for-profit organization ran by a group of dedicated volunteers.As our City grows, the services for recreational programs grow. BMBA needs you!Without volunteers, we are unable to provide this quality program to the youths of Brampton.

Your participation is required to help out in coaching or assisting as convenors.We are also looking for referees who are paid per game.

If you have any questions about how you can help us out, please leave a voice mail at our main office (905) 455-5277 or send and email to

You can also visit our website at for more information.

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