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Increase to Brampton Transit Fares
By Brampton Transit | Published  01/16/2007 | City of Brampton Announcements | Rating:
Brampton Transit
Brampton Transit Headquarters: 185 Clark Blvd., Brampton, ON, L6T 4G6.  Weekdays: 8:30am - 4:30pm.  For schedules, fares, routes & services Call: 905-874-2999 TTY: 905-874-2130 Weekdays: 7am-9pm, Saturdays: 7am-7pm, Sundays: 9am-6pm.  For Lost & Found, Customer Services & Admin Call: 905-874-2750.  Visit Brampton Transit for more information. 

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Brampton Transit Fares Increase
To Pay For Continuous Improvements

Brampton - To help continuously improve Brampton Transit, City Council has approved an increase to cash fares, tickets and weekly passes effective Monday, Feb. 5, exempting GTA and monthly passes from the increase.

"To help reduce gridlock in the City and reduce emissions from vehicles, we have invested in Brampton Transit with new buses, greater accessibility, increased service and a stronger customer focus," said Transit Director Suzanne Bass. Fare increases are necessary to keep Brampton Transit running at 50-per-cent revenue-to-cost ratio, a key consideration for effective operation of a transit service.

"Brampton Transit Weekly and MonthlyPasses continue to offer significant cost savings, convenience and unlimited travel across Brampton and beyond to our customers," Bass said.

Brampton Transit cash fares will go to $2.75 from $2.50. Costs for tickets and weekly passes are as follows:

  • Adult 10 ticket price to $22 from $21
  • Student 10 ticket price to $20.50 from $19.50
  • Senior 10 ticket price to $13 from $12.50

  • Adult weekly pass price to $23.50 from $22.50
  • Student weekly pass price to $22 from $21
  • Senior weekly pass price to $10.50 from $10

Brampton Transit continues to offer a time-based transfer. For the cost of one fare, the transfer offers up to two hours of unlimited travel on any route, in any direction, up until the expiry time shown on the transfer throughout the City. Discounts will continue to the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board and Peel District School Board.

Brampton Transit places above the Canadian average in ridership increases, finishing the first half of 2006 with a 12 per cent increase over the same period in 2005. In December, Brampton Transit broke all previous records, welcoming its 10 millionth rider.

To meet the growing demand, the transit service implemented a major service increase in 2005 expanding its operations by 25 per cent through a new grid-based route system. Since then, there have been continuous service enhancements.

To keep pace with the growing ridership, Brampton Transit is building a second bus facility on Sandalwood Parkway West at the site of an existing City Works and Transportation yard. Other service enhancements include online trip planning and AcceleRide, which will introduce enhanced services to commuters on Queen Street East/Regional Road 107 and Main Street.
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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Carolyn Webb)
    The price increase for bus fare in Brampton is totally a cash grab. I don't see how they can justify the increase and yet our service "sucks" totally. I will wait for my bus at work and it does not show up and therefore I have to wait for the next one and the answer I always get is " I am not sure why the bus never arrived". The buses do not run often enough. We pay the same as the Mississauga and Toronto transit(maybe even more due to the recent increase) and yet our service is not even close to the level the Mississauga and Toronto transit provide. If Brampton wants us to the ride the transit they may want to better the service first.
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