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Community Star of the Week: Laura Kupers
By Community Stars | Published  01/24/2007 | Community Stars | Unrated
Community Stars
The Brampton News honours members of the Brampton community who deserve recognition for their academic excellence, sportsmanship, noteworthy leadership or genuine caring and citizenship. Nominated persons will have the opportunity to appear on The Brampton News and websites as well as in the e-Newsletter. 

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Laura Kupers - resident of Brampton

Laura is an Honour Roll student who received recognition both from her school, Brampton Centennial Secondary School, and University of Guelph which she now attends.  At Brampton Centennial, Laura's activities included being a member of the Senior Band, Environment Club, Math Tutors Club and Formal Team.  In the community, Laura was a member and volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada.  She donated 12 inches of her hair to "Locks of Love" to make wigs for children who lose their hair to cancer.  She and her family foster for the Dog Guides of Canada. Laura is a 2006 Canadian Federation of University Women Scholarship Winner in the City of Brampton.

Submitted by: Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) - Brampton

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