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Helping Youth to Connect with Employers
By Youth Opportunities | Published  05/25/2006 | Student Area | Rating:
Youth Opportunities
Looking for full time employment? Out of School? Between the ages of 15-30? Need help finding a job? The Youth Opportunities project is an employment program designed to provide youth with employability skills and job search strategies. We provide a link between youth and the business community by matching job-ready youth with employers' job opportunities. The program is funded by the Federal Government and delivered through the Centre for Education and Training (CET) in Brampton and Mississauga. 

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Youth looking for full-time work and employers seeking to recruit qualified candidates may find help in the local Youth Opportunities program.  This FREE employment program is based in the Region of Peel and is designed to connect youth searching for full-time employment with employers seeking to hire job ready candidates. 

The program is funded by the Government of Canada and coordinated by The Centre for Education and Training.  Peel residents between the ages of 15-30 are eligible to register.  The Youth Opportunities project is designed to link individuals with full-time permanent employment, internships and volunteer opportunities.  Participants must be out of full time school and without full time employment.

Youth Opportunities provides youth with group workshops and/or one-on-one consultations in the following areas:
- Writing effective resumes and cover letters
- Job search assistance
- Interview Techniques and
- Networking opportunities

Eligible local employers, who wish, may also apply for a wage subsidy of the candidates' salary during the internship period.  Employers may also find and hire their own candidates.  As long as the candidate and employer meet the program criteria, the employer may qualify for the wage subsidy.  Employers interview all candidates found through the Youth Opportunities program before making their hiring decision.

To inquire about this FREE program please contact us at (905) 457-4747 ext. 230, 233, or 239 or visit our website:
Submitted by: Khadija Ellis, Coordinator, Youth Opportunities, Brampton: 905-457-4747 ext. 294, Mississauga: 905-949-0049 ext. 2041

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