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Spend Holiday Dollars And Help Animals
By Pet Report | Published  12/8/2006 | Pet Report | Unrated
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With Christmas and the Holiday Season just around the corner, The Humane Society of Canada is asking people to give thoughtful gifts that also help animals.  "We have a wide range of gifts for your pets, family and friends.  When you spend your hard earned money with us every dollar goes to help animals," says Al Hickey, HSC Western Regional Director.

The animal charity is also hoping that companies which give gifts to their staff and send out cards will also shop with The Humane Society of Canada.  You can visit the animal charity's Online Store at or call toll free 1-800-641-KIND (5463) from anywhere in Canada or the United States to place your order.  The price you see for each item is what you pay, and includes all shipping and handling costs.  We will ship gifts anywhere in Canada or around the world.

"We put a great deal of thought into coming up with great gift ideas," says HSC Executive Director Michael O'Sullivan.  "Animals need all the help they can get, and since you're spending money at this time of year anyway, we hope that you'll think about doing some of your gift shopping with us."

The gifts include gifts for your pets, beautiful Christmas cards, backpacks, wall and pocket calendars, special Animal Guardian packages to protect wild animals, children's books, jewellery, statues, bird houses, note cards and pads, gift certificates and a host of other fun items.

"Our gifts are fun, practical, reasonably priced and we ship them out directly from our office the very same day you place your order.  Best of all, your gift keeps on giving because all of the money is used to support our programs to protect animals and the earth."

Contact Al Hickey or Michael O'Sullivan by toll free 1-800-641-KIND or Michael on his cell phone (416) 876-9685 or at

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